EM Energy Medicine With Ethan Borg

Ethan Borg invented his own brand of energy medicine called EM Energy Medicine. Over 600 people have learned the first, free level of EM. While this is in no way required of you, all of Ethan's patients are encouraged to learn EM Level 1, the free version of EM Energy Medicine by following this link, in order to be able to learn more about Ethan's technique, to see first hand how powerful his brand of energy medicine is, and to be able to take charge of their own health care needs in between treatments.

Treating People All Over The World

Ethan treats patients in Hong Kong, South Africa, Europe, Canada, and throughout the United States using the incredibly powerful energy medicine he invented based on his training in classical Chinese medicine. If you are interested in being added to his treatment schedule, there are two ways you can work with Ethan. You can sign up for "unscheduled" treatments or "scheduled" treatments.

Scheduled Treatments
Scheduled treatments are treatments treated exactly like regular appointments with Ethan where a specific slot of time is entirely focused on you. At the time of your appointment, Ethan will call you, discuss your case, talk through your concerns, listen to the very latest developments in your health, and share as much vital information as necessary pursuant to your needs and concerns. After talking, Ethan gets off the phone and then sends you treatments. Upon completion of the treatment, Ethan calls you back and provides a verbal report of what he perceived, what he treated, and what you can expect over the course of the ensuing weeks. Scheduled treatments offer far richer insight into your case over unscheduled treatments. To sign up for a scheduled treatment, please follow this link. Whenever possible, Ethan encourages you to sign up for scheduled treatments as these can offer you great insight into your situation.

Unscheduled Treatments
Unscheduled treatments are treatments that Ethan fits wherever he happens to have an open slot in his schedule. These slots may open last minute without notice. Slots are available first come first serve. Some weeks there may be several unscheduled appointment slots that open up while at other times it may take a couple of week or more before an opportunity opens up for an unscheduled treatment.

When you sign up for an unscheduled treatment with Ethan, treatments can arrive at any time. There is nothing you need to do to prepare for receiving unscheduled treatments. You receive them whether you are at home, at your office, in a car, exercising...in other words, you receive them when Ethan sends them and it can be at any time during your normal daily activity. Upon completion of the treatment, Ethan sends you an email summary of highlights of the treatment and what you can expect over the course of the ensuing days as a result of what was treated and how it was treated. To sign up for an unscheduled treatment, please follow this link.


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