"Whatever treatment you gave me last visit is something I will scale montains and forge rivers to get again." -- Recent Patient

Classical Energy Medicine And Decades Of Acupuncture Experience

On Sabbatical Until February 2020

Ethan is on sabbatical from December 12th, 2019 until February 10th, 2020. He is not taking new patients at this time and inquiring new patients should return May 2020 to see if his waiting list has been opened.

Adding/Changing/Canceling Appointments

If you are a current or returning patient, you can control your appointments by following this link

Sabbatical Emergency Treatments

If you have a true medical emergency, do not wait for Ethan, call 911 and/or go straight to the emergency room. However, Ethan is offering what he is calling "Emergency Sabbatical Treatments" that are not for life threatening emergencies. To learn more about these, please follow this link

Happy holidays and happy New Year!