Ethan Borg, M.A.OM., L.Ac.
Classical Training And Decades Of Acupuncture Experience

Creator of EM Energy Medicine

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Ethan Borg, Acupuncture Mission Statement
With over a decade in the field, a hard-won Fellowship to study the classics, four textbooks under my pen, and, from that, continuing education classes taught across the country, Ethan Borg, Acupuncture, offers you a wealth of experience and knowledge directed towards your unique needs. I work in the room the entire treatment visit focusing all of my skills and experience towards your treatment benefits. This unique focus provides the fastest possible path to freedom from symptoms, pain, and suffering. Your fastest possible recovery is part of my business plan because people spread the word much faster and further when they feel they have received superior treatment.

While ancient in origin, classical Chinese medicine is a new world of experience for most patients, offering thousands of years of accrued knowledge about how the body can go awry and how to set it back in order. While mysterious to a Westerner who has never before experienced this fantastic realm, it is not magic though it might feel like it. It is a logical construct that is as beautiful as it is elegent. Scientific studies have shown time and again the power of this logic in treating diseases that even Western medicine struggles to attenuate. Please visit my office and you will find that you are cared for in a thoughtful, heartful, professional manner. Your patronage and your referrals are deeply, deeply appreciated. You honor me with your trust. And I will pay you back with amazing amounts of energy, knowledge and focus.

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: @ethanborg Twitter Feed where I post about the Chinese astrological energy of the day and what it means about you and your health

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Welcome to Ethan Borg's acupuncture clinic. In this website, you will discover information about Ethan Borg's credentials, his methods, clinic information, and more. Ethan combines classical Chinese theory with gentle Japanese technique to provide the ultimate in comfort with the most powerful effects. Ethan utilizes a theory of practice called "Fu Xi Wen". Fu Xi Wen utilizes poorly understood classical theory called "Heaven, Man, and Earth", the nexus point of traditional medicine, Feng Shui, and martial arts, to provide incredibly powerful healings with remarkably quick affects. Ethan has published an entire corpus about Fu Xi Wen at the Official Fu Xi Wen website.


Ethan is one of the few recipients of the prestigious, peer-reviewed acupuncture Fellowship: The Miki Shima Life Long Learning Fellowship. He received his Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (M.A.OM.) from the oldest school of acupuncture in the United States and one of the highest regarded: the New England School of Acupuncture. The M.A.OM. degree exceeds the basic requirements for a Masters in Acupuncture (M.Ac.) by over a thousand more educational hours. Ethan has received training in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean acupuncture as well as Chinese herbal medicine. He retains Diplomate status in Oriental Medicine via the NCCAOM. Ethan received his B.A. in Psychology from Swarthmore College. Ethan is licensed by the State of New York to practice his craft. Ethan teaches classical theory to other acupuncturists in continuing education courses along the East Coast and through online classes.


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Cancer Care
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Acupuncture Fertility Talk At Strong Fertility Center, Rochester, NY Spring 2009

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Texts and Teaching

The focus of Ethan's Fellowship was the study of the most important medical classics of Chinese medicine. From this study, Ethan authored four textbooks. The Secret Chamber and The Indispensable Book of Secrets are part of curriculum Ethan uses to teach classical theory to acupuncturists in continuing education settings across the East Coast. Fu Xi Wen: The Official Introduction is a text to teach all individuals how to apply classical therapies for their own personal benefit. Ethan has just completed his fourth textbook: The Spiritual Path To Building Your Business that applies traditional concepts towards building a business and managing it. In the Fall of 2008, Ethan published The Medical Guide To Making An Acupuncture Referral for Western trained physicians and other medical practitioners. My most recent book was just published in 2012: Balanced Whole System Parenting. If you are a physician in the Rochester area, please contact Ethan via the contact information below and he will gladly send you a complimentary copy of this book. Before becoming an acupuncturist, Ethan was an executive member of multiple internet companies during the Dot Com boom.


Ethan's extensive classical training has proven wonderfully effective for a vast array of clinical ailments. That said, he specializes in treating female and male infertility, internal medicine disorders, and auto-immune disorders (such as allergies and multiple sclerosis). At any given time, at least half of Ethan's patient load is fertility or pregnancy related. Ethan's vast experience has helped couples conceive who were considered "low ovarian reserve" or who were diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Men have experienced sperm count and motility shifts in orders of magnitude that have lifted them from infertile levels to levels considered normal. Ethan has also helped MS patients become asymptomatic for years without exacerbations. Some have even experienced reductions in the size of their lesions -- which is extremely unusual. Here are testimonials for your perusal. Links for specific disorders are on the upper left of that page. Fu Xi Wen results are amazingly quick and powerful.

Qi Infusions

Qi Infusions logoHave you heard about Qi Infusions? I am also the President of Qi Infusions. Qi Infusions are medical Qi Gong infused oils that treat a wide range of conditions whenever you need them for at-home self-care. Qi Infusions are available in stores in the Upstate New York region such Lori's Natural Food Center in Rochester, NY as well as Greenstar Coop in Ithaca. You can also purchase Qi Infusions online at:

Broadcast Energy Treatments

Qi Infusions logoIn 2012, I launched Broadcast Energy Treatments as a way to treat more people than I can fit inside my cramped schedule.

Press about Ethan

Here you will find an article written about Ethan's fertility success in Frederick, MD

Clinic Info

How It Works
  1. You call or email to set up an appointment.
  2. Ethan emails you intake forms for your visit
  3. You should expect weekly visits for 4 to 6 weeks (fertility treatments can start at any time in a cycle but Ethan prefers starting two months before transfer when possible for best results). Some people need more weekly visits, others need less. The treatment plan is always tailored towards your actual needs.
  4. As soon as possible, treatments are spread out to every two weeks, every three weeks, monthly, and then all done. It is Ethan's experience that people talk more about his practice when they feel they improved remarkably quickly than if he is still treating the same problem years later. So, his full energy is directed towards making you feel better surprisingly quickly.
  5. Payment is made through check, cash, or you can be invoiced by email so that you can pay by credit card
  6. You spread the word about your amazing experience and everyone can bask in the glow of success.

Ethan does not take insurance, but... he will provide you receipts with the CPT codes insurance companies need to process your reimbursement.

You can expect fewer treatments with Fu Xi Wen than standard acupuncture. Weekly treatments are recommended at first. This is followed by less frequent visits. Fees are available by request. Unlike most acupuncturists who see multiple patients an hour, Ethan stays in the treatment room the entire treatment working non-stop to achieve your goals. Patients still relax and somtimes even sleep during sessions -- and this is a sign that the treatments are painless and relaxing. Other energy practitioners who have received energy medicine for decades have commented that Fu Xi Wen produces the most powerful experience of energy that they have ever experienced.

Feel More Vital! Ethan's goal in the clinic is not just to treat you of your main complaint, but also to make you feel ten years younger in vitality, stamina, and joie de vie. The methods and processes employed to this end realize the highest aspirations of "preventative medicine".

Office Location

1427 Monroe Ave., 2nd Floor
Rochester, NY 14618 ... find it on Google Maps

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EM Energy Medicine

Ethan Borg is the creator of EM Energy Medicine, which was publicly launched in 2013. In just the first year since it launched, over 600 people from all around the world trained in EM -- and the numbers grow larger every day. EM Is by far the easiest and yet arguably the most powerful energy medicine a person can learn. EM Energy Medicine is a new alternative medicine that combines Western ideas of anatomy and physiology with classical Chinese medical theory as well as Feng Shui. Anyone can learn the first level of EM for free. Click here to learn more about EM. Prospective patients of Ethan Borg are encouraged to learn the first level of EM to better understand the underlying theory of how Ethan works, though this is of course not required or in any way necessary to be Ethan's patient.

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